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Automatic film laminator

  • Automatic film laminator
Automatic film laminator

I. Introduction
1. The batch off unit take off adopts steel conveying rollers, equipped with printer and slitter. The take-off and lifting device are driven by a common AC inverter motor. The conveying speed ID adjustable.
2. The sheet is uniformly coated with the lubricator by dipping without polluting the environment. Its cooling effect is better than the spraying.
3. The hanging up area is fully closed, which adopts the blower to blow the sheet at a slant. So it improves the air flowing direction and cooling effect.
4. The electric control system adopts a reliable and automatic PC

II. Notes
1. The batch off unit can be designed according to the customers' requirements. There's hanging rod type,mesh belt type,drum type and overhead type.
2. The batch off unit is a conbined construction. Customer can add or reduce the middle support as required.
3. Customer can select the transverse strip cutter and the strip slitter according to the processing requirements.

III. Technical parameter of XGPJ-600

Adapted Max. Rubber Sheet Width 600mm
Rubber Sheet Thickness 4-12mm
Max. Hanging Rubber Sheet Length Hanging in Rod 1400mm
Power Supply 415V / 60HZ
Sheet Access Conveyor Belts Max. Linear Speed 10-36m / min
Hanging rod maximum moving speed 2.6m / min
Swing rubber speed 10-20 times / min
Axial Flow Cooling Fan Power 0.55kw
Axial Flow Cooling Fan Number 12 sets
The rubber sheet's storage volume in the air bellow 100meters (the rubber sheet could stay in the air bellow for about 50-65 minutes if one set rubber mixing mill is working)
Motor total power 12.4kw
Cooling temperature Room temperature +5ÂșC
Total Length of Whole Machine About 7.2meters (including the length of the swing rubber tray)